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Polly Wants… by Kou K. Nelson

Jealousy — the catalyst for many a crime story. Usually the characters are all human, though.

“Good morning, Polly,” the lady said as she walked into the room.

She flung open the drapes, illuminating the small office.

“Good morning,” the parrot said, bobbing its grey head, shuffling its feet back and forth on her perch.

“Polly want an apple?” the lady asked.

She opened the cage and offered the bird a slice of apple as the bird stepped into the door frame.

“Apple,” the bird said, reaching for the fruit, but nipping the woman’s finger.

The fruit fell to the floor.… Read the rest

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Trouble’s Bruin by Laird Long

A big city private eye is visiting home in the hopes of getting a few days away from crime. But crime can be found anywhere, even the college football field in a small town. Unfortunately.

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The stadium rocked with the frenetic cheers of the home crowd.… Read the rest

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