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Fill In The Blanks by Stephen D. Rogers

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Tom represented what I always wanted in a man. That he exhibited the qualities of kindness and humor and strength might not have been apparent to me at first, but the more time we spent together, the more he revealed himself to be the man I’d dreamt of finding.

Dancing around the topic of marriage, we’d discussed the future, the benefits of moving in together, the possibility of children and a dog.

Then Tom was dead, shot once in the chest and once in the head.

I wasn’t there to witness my world fall apart, wasn’t there to perhaps alter events.… Read the rest

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Sirens by Gary Cahill

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True love is hard to find.

The stroll from sidewalk to shoreline was longer than ever, formidable on a given day, crossing the rare beach in Jersey getting wider every year, erosion from the north dumping more white powder to the south and pushing water’s edge further into the Atlantic. But his trek was languorous, lilting, a relief after what he’d left by the street, in the motel shadows.

He’d been sprayed back on the pavement–must have been the beer, right?, nothing more–warm, salty, like the water here in dead summer, but tinged with a whiff of metal, like chewing a penny, got the nose twitching.… Read the rest

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