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Alten Kameraden by Ed Ahern

All’s fair in love and war.

The water-splattered store window in front of Walter Peake held richly tooled leather desk sets and overweight filigreed pens, the kind given as retirement gifts but rarely used. The reflected image of the rain blown cobblestones behind him was empty. The sodden wind measured a few degrees above zero Celsius. His legs, hands and head were already soaked and every gust of wind drove wet chill through the wool to skin.

He’d arrived well within the meeting procedure of five minutes before and after the arranged time. A two hour train ride, an U-Bahn ride, a short walk, another U-Bahn hop and a 10 minute walk.… Read the rest

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The Uninvited Spook by C. D. Reimer

When you’re in the spy business it pays to remember that you’re never off the job, even at a party.

He adjusted the parabolic microphone to aim at the apartment building across the street. The angle wasn’t perfect for this type of surveillance since he had to hide in the shadows of an air conditioning unit under a clear night sky with a rising full moon. With advanced notice, he could’ve gotten a room a few floors below with a better line of sight than this.

With the small binoculars hanging around his neck, he surveyed the apartment at the southwest corner of the building and thirteen stories above downtown.… Read the rest

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