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Afterwards by Jeff Poole

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They say you can’t go home again, but you can’t get away again, either.

After the divorce Fred Buckley used some of his frequent flyer miles to leave it all behind. It had been an acrimonious affair. He traveled a lot for his job, so he’d piled up enough mileage to travel anywhere on the planet he wanted to go, round trip. He chose the Croatian coast because it was June. That’s when the weather was just turning nice and the Italian tourists hadn’t overrun the place yet. Two days after the divorce was final Fred landed in Dubrovnik, rented a car and took the coastal highway to the Peljesac Peninsula and on to the town of Orebic where he caught the ferry to Korcula.… Read the rest

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Embers by Michael Haynes

It doesn’t take much to fan the flames.

Sunday afternoon, the end of Dad’s and my weekend together, was fading fast. If he didn’t have me to Mom’s by six there’d be hell to pay. Dad was sitting in a chair, eyes closed. I started gathering up things, throwing them in the trunk of the car.

I tossed some water on the center of our fire and turned away. A moment later, I was yanked back by the collar of my shirt.

“What did you just do, Jackson?” My father had leaned over and his face was close to mine. The alcohol on his breath that meant I’d be the one in charge of getting us back on time was sharp in my nostrils.… Read the rest

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