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Miscellany by Eryk Pruitt

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Not much ever happens in those little out of the way stores. Except when it does.

There’s a filling station just south of Durham, North Carolina, that raised a ruckus a while back because the owner refused to take down a Confederate flag he’d hoisted above the building. Imagine how folks from miles around flocked to see what would happen when the National Guard came out to tell him to take it down. How for years and years after, old timers would bend your ear with the details of the Klan, the protests.… Read the rest

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Doing God’s Work by Wayne Scheer

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“God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform;” — William Cowper

Eli and Vernon Browbridge rolled The Fat Man’s bloated body from the trunk of their 1987 Pontiac Grand Prix into the hole in the ground they had just dug.

Eli spoke first. “I wonder if a dead fat guy smells worse than a thin broad that’s been roasting in a hot car trunk?” He grabbed a dirty handkerchief from his back pocket, blew his nose and wiped the sweat from his face. Dirt and snot streaked his cheek.

“You got me,” Vernon replied.… Read the rest

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The Little Outlaw by Mike Miner

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and it’s especially true in a storm.

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Mary was supposed to be asleep.  She was upstairs, in her room, in her bed, but the sound of thunder, like a bowling ball being dropped on the roof, was keeping her up.

The little man in the radio was reading the news.  Johnny Pesky went four for five with five RBI’s as the Red Sox beat up on the Detroit Tigers at Briggs stadium thirteen to three, every Boston player had gotten a hit including the pitchers. … Read the rest

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