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Shadows by E. J. Togneri

Appearances can, and will, be deceiving.

In the year 2012, hiring a PI was a luxury purchase, the kind most people had cut back on, an unintentional deferral for cheating husbands and insurance fraudsters. So on that gloomy November day, I welcomed new client Catherine Sigerman to my dimly lit New Brunswick office. A paying gig would give me a break from my own case and cash to probe the shadows.

As soon as Catherine caught sight of me, her green eyes flickered, her shoulders tensed, the hand on her black shoulder bag tightened. I knew the pattern well. When her gaze dropped to my wheelchair, I used the moment to examine her in turn.… Read the rest

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Hazard Pay by Nick Andreychuk

Simple jobs have a way of becoming more complicated, but that’s why they pay you the big bucks, isn’t it?

The stench of stale urine made me want to vomit into the piss-warm beer I was drinking from a dirty glass. I tried to ignore it because I’d picked the stool at the end of the bar, close to the stinking washrooms, for a reason — I wanted to listen to the conversation next to me.

Normally, I sat at the other end of the bar, near the cash register, so that I could flirt with the waitresses when they placed their drink orders.… Read the rest

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Trouble’s Bruin by Laird Long

A big city private eye is visiting home in the hopes of getting a few days away from crime. But crime can be found anywhere, even the college football field in a small town. Unfortunately.

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The stadium rocked with the frenetic cheers of the home crowd.… Read the rest

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