The Good Neighbor by Lawrence Buentello

All her neighbors agreed that Henrietta Soames had murdered her husband.

An investigation followed the discovery of his body; his death was ultimately ruled a homicide. But after initially questioning Henrietta the police dismissed her as a suspect. Apparently, they had no evidence to charge her. Eventually the authorities ascribed his death to a botched burglary, which seemed reasonable to an objective observer, but not to anyone living nearby. The police simply didn’t know the circumstances the same way her neighbors knew them, nor did they take seriously her possible motives for killing him, and the crime remained unsolved.

The truth is that George Soames was a terrible man.

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One comment on “The Good Neighbor by Lawrence Buentello
  1. Jack says:

    This story was a shocker. It builds a slow head of steam until the final act where all is revealed in a satisfying and stunning conclusion.

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