Submission Tips

Plan B is open to submissions again, which means lots of stories are flooding in to be reviewed. Here are a few tips to help prospective authors make it easier on editors, that I can safely say apply to all markets:

  1. Follow the submission guidelines.
  2. See tip #1
  3. There is no tip #3.

Yes, it seems obvious, but lots of submissions don’t quite follow the guidelines. Some markets will not review anything that isn’t in keeping with their guidelines, so it’s a really good habit to get into. We aren’t quite so hard-assed, but we do have guidelines for a reason.

For example, we really want you to send your submissions to the submissions email address. Even if you’ve heard from us from another email address, please send your next submission to the submission address. We have automated workflows set up which means that there’s a good chance it could be days or weeks before your submission is even noticed if it goes somewhere else.

It’s also a good idea to review the guidelines before each submission, too, in case they’ve changed (hint: they have). Many markets, including Plan B, have irregular reading schedules, so it’s good to make sure we are open before you send us something. While you’re checking that, you can make sure nothing else has changed.

We get a lot of submissions, and we try to keep the turnaround time reasonable. Plan B aims to provide high quality stories to mystery readers while also being friendly to authors. You can make that job a lot easier for us by following rule #1.

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