The Future of Plan B

The Short Story:

Plan B is going ahead for a minimum of six months with fewer stories – one every two weeks.

The Long Story:

The fundraising campaign recently closed with underwhelming results. However, I find it hard to believe that there aren’t readers who want the kinds of stories Plan B would print. So, I’ve decided look at plan B for Plan B.

I’m going to take a chance on running two stories a month for six months, then publishing an ebook anthology of all the stories when they’ve all been chosen. After six months, we’ll see what the response is at that time.

I’m still going to pay the authors 1¢/word. That’s a fundamental part of Plan B – we believe authors should be paid.

If readers want to support Plan B, there will be a couple of options. You can donate any amount via PayPal (you can use a credit card without having a PayPal account), you can buy the ebook when it’s available, or you can sponsor a whole story for just $50. Details about sponsorship and other ways to support Plan B are here.

I would really like to see Plan B spark a resurgence of short mystery and crime fiction online and I think that together we can make it happen. Stick around to read the stories and share them with your mystery loving friends.


Darusha Wehm, editor

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2 comments on “The Future of Plan B
  1. Louis says:

    I’m beginning to think people may be suffering from crowdfunding fatigue. I hope your Plan B works and look forward to reading stories here.

  2. Brandi Boddie says:

    I agree. Plan B is a great idea, and I hope that once the first stories are released, many readers will see that.

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