What do we want to see at Plan B?

I like classic mystery stories as much as the next person; I can happily get lost in a Philip Marlowe or the Continental Op adventure. However, I’d love to see more stories featuring protagonists who aren’t straight white guys. I’d also like to see stories set in locations other than American cities.

This doesn’t mean I won’t print stories with a John Smith detective set in LA. It means I don’t see a lot of the other kinds of stories and I’d love for that to change. There are mysteries everywhere, crime touches all kinds of people. I’d like to see some genre stories reflecting that reality.

In terms of the kind of writing I like, here are a few mystery authors I enjoy (in no particular order):

Lawrence Block
John Harvey
Carol O’Connell
Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine
Alexander McCall Smith

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3 comments on “What do we want to see at Plan B?
  1. Brandi Boddie says:

    I enjoy mysteries with a vintage flair. That being said, it’s great if they also have a twist. Maybe if stories featured multicultural characters as the main protagonists, or the setting was outside of a sleek and glossy metropolitan. You bring up an excellent point. I’ll definitely check out the authors you listed.

  2. Wayne Scheer says:

    I’d like to submit, but the submission address is crossed out in theSubmission section. What should I do?

  3. Editor says:

    We’re still closed to submissions. The submissions page will change when we open.

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